We created a reliable, comfortable and affordable Automatic self-cleaning litter box – our Smart Kitty.
Smart Kitty is adapted for all cats sizes and needs. To make it safe we have implemented sensors and our patented solutions. Smart Kitty handle with waste of all sizes and scoops them to separated container, which stays closed while not used. It really works! It’s efficient and requires only minimal attention.

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Frequently asked questions


What is Smart Kitty?
Smart Kitty is an automatic self-cleaning litter box for cats.

How does Smart Kitty work?
When a cat enters the box, it is detected by a thermal sensor which launches the litter boxcleaning procedure.

Why should I get Smart Kitty?
You will no longer have to clean after your pet! You can control what happens at home, even when you are out or away. You will save precious time.

What are the shipping costs?
The shopping costs are dependent on the address of delivery. Usually they range between EUR 10 – 20. The costs are included in the price automatically when the order is placed in ouron-line shop.

It is solid hardware?
Yes! You can see the movie „- Kids on fire! Testing automatic litter box for cats”. 



What are the size and weight of SMART KITTY?
Look at the right scheme.
weight: 5 kg

Is the device safe for cats? What if the cat gets within the device’s working range?

Yes, the device is safe for cats and kids. Smart Kitty is equipped with a number of safety measures.

Are all gravel types compatible with the device?

Yes, but the gravel must be used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, so that there is always the right amount of it in the device.


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